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Read What Our Customers Are Saying about Our Services

When it comes to well drilling and geothermal energy, we’ve got you covered! Thompson Well Drilling & Geothermal works with both homeowners and business owners on most well systems and installations. Our team will ensure that your well provides the water you require, and you’re completely satisfied and happy with your water volume and pressure. We’re experienced in what we do, and we can provide you with the right pump to your pressure tank to ensure you have no issues later. Contact us for more details.

We love to hear from our clients, and we’re always happy to share your admiration with the rest of the world.

Dependable Company

“We are very pleased with the relationship we have formed with Thompson Well Drilling & Geothermal. We got a very dependable company to service our needs, while at the same time we made some very good friends with Carl and his crew! We have found their service to be dependable, friendly and open over the years. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs has been a large comfort to us." - Stephen T.

Cost-Effective Installation Services

“Our [4000 sq. ft. plus] house is heated with two geothermal units [living area and garage/basement]. Our [monthly] electric bills average approximately $300.00 in the summer and $500 in the winter. Other than periodically cleaning the filter on the forced air unit, it has required no maintenance in almost four years. Carl and his staff have been great to deal with both during the installation and [answering] any questions afterward. We never had air conditioning before, but once you have it – we really like it on these hot summer days.” – Clarke W.

Friendly and Professional Installers

“Work commenced on our system in the fall of 2008 and we had our system installed in time for the heating season. We found the Thompson Well Drilling & Geothermal’s team friendly and professional from the well drillers to the system installers. They explained what they were doing and why and made sure that we knew how our system was set up. The system worked well and we were very happy with the results. Our system has not given us any problems in [two] years of operation. Unrequested by ourselves, Thompson's visited once and called once in that time just to check on its operation and our satisfaction. During that same period of time, we have saved, or earned back 23% of the cost of installation of our system (we did insulate our basement at the same time).” - Don and Marie B.

On-Time Services

“We are especially grateful that you were able to get everything up and running on a shorter than expected schedule.” - Ron and Danica R.

Top-Grade Geothermal Systems

“We are very pleased with the quality of the heat produced and we estimate that the geothermal systems are costing about 40% less to operate than the oil based heat, despite the fact that we had to install two units. In addition, the systems give us an air conditioning option in the summer months. This past summer during the warmest month, we estimate it cost us $20 for this feature.” - Carolyn F. and Jim B.

Excellent Service and Efficient Work

“Three years ago we purchased a geothermal heat pump system from Thompson Well Drilling & Geothermal. We were very impressed with their excellent service, professional manner, and efficient work. Because of their years of experience, they were able to answer all of our questions and guide us through this heating system, which has become our best purchase ever. Our geothermal heating system has created a stress-free, labour free, and cost-effective solution to help us through the cold winters. No longer do we have to call the oil truck, put in wood, or fill the furnace, we simply do nothing! The geothermal system does all of the work for us. During the winter it costs us about $200.00 per month to heat an approximately 3600 sq. ft. home. I can’t imagine how much it would cost if I was using an electrical or oil heating system. This system has generated the results we were looking for, and we would purchase it again if ever the need arises.” - Wayne L.

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